My husband ordered the movie “Bolt” by Disney, released in November of 2008, from Netflix which arrived today. If he’s busy, he’ll fall asleep. So, he missed about half of it after the first few minutes.

The Cat, Mittens [spoiler alert] totally tears down Bolt’s super-inflated ego, or is it supreme confidence? Rhino, the chubby hamster idolizes Bolt. At Bolt’s lowest, Rhino tells him what incredible feats he’s accomplished. Rhino says the world needs Bolt to be that super hero.

Humbled, realistically thinking, Bolt decides to forge ahead without super hero capabilities. He’s going to face his challenges with his dog strengths, a heart full of love for his “person,” and help from his friends.

I’ve read a lot of inspirational stuff today. I’m reading through the book of Romans and the Apostle Paul talks of humankind with our sinful nature. He calls himself the chief of sinners, the least of the Apostles in Roman seven, which I’ll read tomorrow. In the build up to chapter seven, he points us to Jesus Christ. How He helped us overcome sin and live a life worth living for ourselves, for others, and ultimately for God.

He tells our end state if we want to stay in sin and our end state if we go for righteousness. I’m not forced to follow God or to reject Him.

The other inspirational readings I did today were the Living Forward: a Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want book by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy, (copyright 2016 and published by Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI), and the book One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week- by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good by Regina Leeds, (copyrighted in 2008 and published by MJF Books, New York, NY).

Both books give action plans in manageable steps and convince their audience that they can do what the authors propose if they choose to take the steps outlined. Both books proclaim others have followed their advice and succeeded.

They warn the reader that the only way to succeed is to take the steps required.

What I love as an adult is the opportunity to learn and grow and change when I choose to. I’m not forced to go to school to learn how to stop drifting or how to stop being disorganized.

Not that I’m against kids being sent to school, but I would do it differently if I were in charge. I’m just saying…

Years ago, I heard a radio program on Focus on the Family. If I remember rightly, the guest specialist told Dr. Dobson that a number of boys would excel if they could wait until age eight before entering school.

I’m NOT saying I know how to do things differently. 🙂 Can you imagine the restructuring of people’s lives as children were allowed to stay home until eight years old in our mostly non-agrarian society?

I’ve heard a couple of countries in Europe will not let the mom stay home from work and home school their children.

Yet, if I did run the educational system, I’d want to see children taught according to the child’s giftings-suited for a job they thrive in. I would want to see firm but absolutely loving discipline in the elementary school so violence is curtailed. Businesses asked what skills are needed so society cooperates in a winning situation for both parties. This is probably already in place. Plus, continuing the internships that are available for students and employees.

May God bless you this day.



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