Sleep, My Child

Last night I worked for a couple of hours transposing small handwriting on a spiral notebook that is 50 years old and dusty. I cut a page protector in half so I can cover the notebook pages and see through the plastic. It helps. A couple of years ago, one of my relatives gave me a goose neck tiny light that attaches to the USB port of my computer for additional lighting. I thought I may never use it, but I stuck it in a stand up file next to the desk.

Last night I had a hard time seeing the far right sheet of paper, so I grabbed the USB LED Light and put it to work. It was great. Then it was time to blog. Suddenly I got hit with a nauseous feeling. I started praying, asking God to not let me get sick and I got ready for bed. I hit the sack, as people used to say back in the day, probably two hours or more before my regular time. Then I slept in besides. I even took a nap yesterday, which is rare.

Today I had a microsecond of nausea and prayed again. I just called my daughter because she lives north of us and I’ve been hearing that there’s going to be a boatload of snow coming that way. Sometimes she doesn’t hear the news. So I called her right around her bedtime, just to give her a heads up. Her children all have dark circles under their eyes and the youngest went to bed with a bucket beside his bed because his tummy felt ishy. She had him in bed by 7:00 p.m. (I got this image from Goodsearch search engine with sleeping children in the search box, so I don’t know how to credit it.)

This year, with the weather finally changing for us, and all the rich food and the holiday preparations that may be our lot in America, people may get sick if they don’t get extra rest. God used to tell the Jewish people to celebrate at different seasons of the year. The Bible does say to do all things in moderation: Philippians_4:5, (KJV):  Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

After we talked, my daughter got saying that she’s been extraordinarily busy lately and feeling it. If the weather causes school to cancel or if her son gets sick so she has to cancel work, which is not a hardship to the company if she calls off once in a while, she said she’ll take advantage of it, she has a lot to do. As a mother, I couldn’t help but say to her, “maybe you can take a nap.”

My husband tells people that his father never stopped being a dad to him and his siblings. When we were in our fifties, his dad would call to remind him to do something. Then he’d laugh and say, “I don’t know why I call you and give you reminders.”

We didn’t live near him, so we only heard fathering stuff once in a while. My sister-in-law said she’d tell him something like, “Dad I learned how to do that when I was twelve years old and I still know how to do it!”

He’d give her advice once a day maybe, or maybe less, I don’t know, but she’d get enough of it and we’d hear about it once in a while. We all miss him.

So, if you’re burning the candle at both ends, another old saying, maybe you can look at your schedule and see what you can cut. Others may be able to pitch in with the holiday preparations or the laundry or the cooking or the shopping. The older I get, I notice that when my husband offers to do things for me, I’m more apt to say yes. I think my pride used to get in the way or I’d think, he’s doing so much already. He’s still busy, but his schedule is not as regulated as it used to be. I help him at work and he’s helping me at home.

When we were younger, a couple moved into our neighborhood. She asked neighbors to babysit when she and her husband needed a night out, and then she’d babysit when we needed a night out. It was great. She waited until she got to know us and trust us, and vice-versa.

My next door neighbor used to help me paint sometimes. We all bought houses that came with an inexpensive flat off-white paint and we wanted to make it feel more like home. She was more organized than me, so I never got to help her paint, but I remember going to the paint store with her to help her pick out colors. We both put in gardens in our back yards without fences, and encouraged each other with gardening and parenting and we were friends.

Well, anyway, if you are exhausted beyond belief, I hope you’ll pamper yourself and catch up on sleep. Your body will thank you, your brain will function more clearly, maybe people in relationship with you will thank you. Well, now I’m just meddling, as I’ve heard somewhere in my life. 🙂

May God bless you.


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