In Plain Sight

“Upon hearing the simple message of salvation through Christ, an individual must choose to ignore it, accept, or reject it. There is nothing intolerant in this because it respects the rights and free will of every member of our pluralistic society.”

I think this is a quote from Gary Bergl, 30 Ways to Pray for All in Authority, 2002, first published by Intercessors for America, Reprinted with permission.

It’s a list of prayers I received in the mail within the last week from a pastor we know, I think. Or is it from the denomination we serve under? Anyway, I blogged about getting online to find this quote and days later as I made a sandwich for supper, I noted a folded piece of paper standing upright with a picture of a man bowed over his hands folded in prayer. There’s a red stop sign symbol with the above quote written on it. I thought, here it is in plain sight and what else have I been missing that’s right in front of me?

We went to our friend’s funeral service yesterday and I knew him better than I knew his wife because we both served on the worship team at church. Occasionally she’d invite me somewhere and once in a while I’d go, and she’s a very gracious person. She’s quiet so I wasn’t sure if she liked me all that much, and isn’t that silly because she’s always been very nice to me.

Yesterday at the funeral, I told the crowd that I loved that man, in a brotherly way. I sang a song he wrote with two others from the worship team and later, I sang the song she really wanted me to sing with one guy accompanying me. The first words of the song are, “Blessed be Your name in a land that is plentiful…” by Matt Redman, which adds “Blessed be Your name on a road marked with suffering…” in later stanzas. His song won the Dove Award in 2005.

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Anyway, I heard her say softly sometime in the day about me, “I love that lady.”

I rode back to church from the cemetery with another friend and she had given me a compliment. I felt those words deep in my innermost being.

Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been aware of the number of times I put myself down. I think God wants me to listen to what I’m saying and to cut it out. When I hear others put themselves down, I remind them that they are a child of the King. What makes those of us that do such things not give ourselves the grace we so freely give others?

So, even though I cried at the funeral a little, I got to meet some of his and her family, and as people recommended we cherish our family and friends, I left built up. We got reminded that this is not our home and that God loves us and He knows what he’s doing.

I hope you’re able to read the Word and pray as you prepare for any celebrations of Christmas or holidays you may participate in. I was chilling along until a couple of U-turns came my way. So, I’ve done my best to cast my cares upon God, as it says to do in 1Peter_5:7, (KJV):  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

May God bless you!




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