Christmas Cards

I have some pretty cards at home. Some came in the mail. Others are on the kitchen table waiting for signatures and an enclosed letter and possibly a few lines of greeting. Still others sit in a drawer in a box with a lid.

The stamps were purchase two weeks ago.

I got a call from a cousin a few days ago and told her I had a dilemma. My schedule blossomed while time remained static. She said, “Who says cards have to be sent by the number 25?”

So, as I worked feverishly to finish the memoir for someone else’s Christmas, and made a handmade gift or two, and baked cookies, and entertained guests and decorated a Christmas tree, etc., I remembered what the organizing book author, Regina Leeds mentioned in the chapter about December in One Year to An Organized Life, published by MJF Books, New York, NY and copyrighted in 2008 . Something like you may not be able to do everything you want to do for your holiday. You may have to skip something. Sweet sigh: it’s okay, I’m an adult.

May God bless you and protect you and enfold you in His loving arms.



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