Mind Control Technology

Some of this is beyond my understanding, but I am concerned with stuff I’m seeing in the world and wondering how is it happening. May God give us wisdom.


Do you ever wonder what in God’s creation is going on in people’s minds?  Do you have this sense that the world has gone crazy or at least a lot of people have gone crazy? Have you noticed that so many people seem to be in a daze? Have you noticed people you talk to parroting the exact same words they hear on television? Do you ask yourself often if these people have a mind of their own?
Warning, some of this material contains scientific and sometimes boring lecture points.  But, if you want to discover the dark plans of higher powers engaged in trapping the minds and hearts of humankind, you must patiently wade into this field of study to pluck the golden nuggets of truth.  Be patient, do your due diligence in checking the sources and then take it to our Lord God Father and Savior in prayer…

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