Cold Up There

We drove north today and got to see my daughter and most of her family. The kids were sick last week, so it was nice to see them so much better.

Leaving the nursing home after Bible study today, I almost entered my car when I saw my son-in-law’s stepmom, so to speak. I called out to her and she didn’t recognize me at first. Then she remembered me from my daughter’s wedding. She was about to walk about three miles in the cold to her home and I was heading that way. So she asked what direction I was going and we ended up swinging by her place. I told her it was a God moment. She wasn’t even wearing a hat.

It was cold but not snowy, probably 20 degrees Fahrenheit out at the time. Not icy either which I prayed about because we’ve been getting rain the last few days and then the cold arrived. I went to the library on Wednesday night to see an Alaskan writing professor. Our 20 degree weather in winter, he said, is balmy compared to their weather. Their temps may be minus 20 degrees F to minus 40 degrees F. I can’t even imagine!

I get cold in winter in NYS; 40 to 60 degrees lower blows my mind. So that is why the man lives in Alaska and in Louisiana. If you live in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere I hope you are keeping warm.

May God bless you.


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