Being Diligent

Proverbs 12:27 A slothful man does not roast his prey, but the precious possession of a man is diligence. (NASB 1977)

I got thinking how only a week or so ago I was asking God to direct my steps and those days went smoothly.

Lately, I’ve “hit the floor running,” a cliché from many years ago. I was going from one place to another, having that slight sense of unease that comes from handling the urgent but letting go of the top priorities that Stephen Covey and many organizing specialists warn against.

Yesterday, after Bible study at the nursing home I got home to find that a meal I had prepared the day before for our meal with a friend got destroyed. I doubled the recipe and it required lots of dicing and chopping of vegetables and pre-soaking and cooking of dried beans, etc.(photo from;…)

So, I called Cornell Cooperative Extension and they very kindly told me how sorry they were, but it was taking a big chance for us to eat it. Lots of bacterial growth would make it dangerous.

When I forgave the person who accidentally ruined it I couldn’t help think of the times I’d been forgiven by family members and friends for blunders over the years.

I took a deep breath and began thinking of the order of importance for the night’s meal. I had to determine in my heart that I would re-make the time consuming meal but use canned beans instead of dried ones. I halved the recipe and then made the dessert of raw honey and raw almond butter and raw pecans with vanilla flavoring that had to be chilled for a while so it would hold together and then make the corn bread and try to keep it warm before we ate.

When we arrived on a snowy windy hill we trudged up the slippery driveway and the cold air lifted the kitchen towel. “Oh man, the bread’s going to be cold,” I muttered.

After we got settled in, the food set out and the blessing prayed, we began our evening meal and the bread was warm if not hot, the chili let off steam, and the cold dessert got tucked into the nearby refrigerator.

I’m glad I didn’t waste time looking for an “easier” recipe which may have leached valuable time from the day. I was tempted, along with being equally tempted to cancel. My husband got called to the bedside of a stroke victim at a hospital an hour and a half away and I dearly wanted to go. I decided to ask him to give her my love and stay the course so we wouldn’t disappoint our dinner partner.

Sometimes it’s hard to carry on when we’re weary or we have to give up an equally important choice. This morning before I even got out of bed, I asked the Lord to direct my steps. My husband may not consider my actions as having been led by the Lord, but I do. I’m blogging about six hours earlier than normal. Last night I started to write out my blog and totally ran out of steam around midnight. So, I took some of that blog and changed the way I had been headed with it for today’s entry. I tried to find the version of the Bible for the verse I chose above from a note on my bulletin board, so I went online. I found an interesting sermon six pages long on diligence at


I just finished my main meal of the day and want to do some things that require less energy while I’m feeling logy. I hope this blog finds you well. May God bless you.


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