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Having taken coaching classes a number of times, occasionally I coach myself through a situation. Usually, I ask my husband or pray about things I’m not certain about. Lately, I ordered The Christian Writers Market Guide 2017: Your Comprehensive Resource for Getting Published, by Steve Laube and edited by Lin Johnson, published and copyrighted by The Christian Writers Institute, 2017.

While I was at it I ordered two smaller writers guides by F & W publishing, the name of the publishers for Writer’s Digest Market Guides. In addition to the market guides I ordered a book by Jurgen Wolff entitled YOUR Writing COACH: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WRITING NOVELS, NON-FICTION, NEW MEDIA, SCRIPTS AND SHORT STORIES. It was published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London · Boston, copyrighted by Jurgen Wolff in 2007.

I intended to write today but I got reading the book. Many reasons why people are afraid to carry through with their writing and ways to overcome the fear show up in Chapter One: “No More Fear, No More Excuses”. Mr. Wolff gives examples from successful writers and exercises after each chapter for the endeavoring author.

This is a picture of the newer edition copyrighted in 2012. I wish I’d realized there was a newer edition. This picture is from Amazon.com and I purchased my copy from Amazon but somehow I didn’t see the more recent example. I’ve already started marking the old one, so hopefully there’s not a ton of changes. Oh, well. I’m really enjoying it and finding it helpful, even though some of the content I’ve read before. Every author has unique contributions to help with the writing craft and some items can’t be unique because “they are what they are,” to use a cliché and they’re not likely to change.

I watched the Superbowl LI on Sunday with my husband and I felt like I understood the game so much better this year. I’ve been watching football for years and hearing the terminology over and over again. I had two boys that played football and my youngest sat in the stands with me to watch his older brother. He patiently explained so many of the rules and the positions of the players and their various responsibilities. Sometimes I felt like I was catching about ten per cent of what he was saying. Sunday night, it just clicked. I hardly asked my husband any questions, which he probably appreciated. It was fun.

This book is presenting writing tips I’ve read before, but just like Sunday night’s game, I feel like some of the information is clicking and I’m seeing things clearly. That’s why writers like Jerry Jenkins and James Scott Bell tell less experienced writers to keep working to learn the craft of writing. There’s so much to it, which I’ve said before in this blog.

I was at the library today to read my Bible and to do some writing. I’d just settled in to write a bit when I felt as though the Lord said to “Go home”.

So, I did and I got the mail and in it came this book on writing with plans for succeeding and suggestions for taking time to think before you write. So, I’ll wrap this up and prayerfully consider my next project. It’s amazing how much smoother my life goes when I include God in the details.

When I was organizing the other day I felt certain the Lord spoke to my thoughts, “Do your work heartily as unto Me,” which is from the third chapter of the book of Colossians. God knows that I sometimes get weary doing dishes and clearing counters, etc. That verse will motivate me to keep going when I’d rather be doing something like reading or writing or not doing arithmetic.

May God bless you.


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