Words Easily Spoken

I called my introvert daughter by accident today and she called me back. I got talking to her about writing to build up marriages and mentioned a friend, Elaine Miller who writes for that purpose and she got asked to speak in Russia where the divorce rate at that time was 90%. What a shame.

Then talked about some people I know that are battling sicknesses. She sounded upbeat when I first called and then she got quiet.

I got thinking that what I’ve heard about and prayed about is news to others and they may leave the conversation feeling down when we’re done. Rats! I know that introverts process things deeply.

Wednesday morning at our Ladies’ Bible Study a woman spoke up about hearing some teachers on television admonishing people to be careful of their words. Don’t speak negatively about others and about yourself. Don’t gossip. Don’t put other people down as you’re talking to them.

I agreed with her wholeheartedly, yet I did caution her that if a person is kind of obsessive-compulsive, they may get so wrapped up in being careful that it could play with their brain. “Is this okay, is that okay? Did I speak something that is calling a negative consequence into being?”

My husband had to remind me that I don’t have to carry it to extremes. God has more power than I do and if I say something that He doesn’t want to happen it won’t happen. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Tonight I went to a writers’ group for critiquing and I decided to be careful as I exchanged ideas. I hoped to be helpful and not too critical. I was blessed by the feedback I got back. The hostess thanked me for coming.

After all, King Solomon wrote in Eccl 3:7, (KJV) that there is “A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;”

When my daughter called me later, she sounded like her day went well. Phew. 🙂

May God bless your day!



4 responses

  1. Nice work Constance. It’s not always easy for us being in this material presence and trying not to react in the flesh to our environment or physical surroundings. I try to take to heart the verse that reminds us to be quick to listen and slow to speak. That way we have time to ask Father God for the right words. Words and the intent behind them are powerful for good or for ill. We who understand that, must not be afraid of them, only consider them in counsel with the Most High God in order that those words make a difference for good according to His will. It’s the best we can hope for and trusting Father to manage it accordingly, when we are obedient. The verse you gave was excellent.

  2. You were pure joy at writer’s group. Great advice and insight for all of us writers. Let us encourage each other as iron sharpens iron on our computers and off. I shed a tear this morning thinking about writer’s group because I feel God is giving me friends here in this new community. Friends who understand and “get” what a writer’s life is like. Thank you for being my friend, dear sister in Christ and sister in writing. I thank God for you!

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