Glorious God

Sometimes, not often enough, I get caught up in the wonder, the beauty of God. Today was such a day. I gathered with many Christian women to meet old friends and to make new friends and to sing to our glorious God.

I listened to a speaker as she shared her dreams that she had handed over to God and then released them and forgot about them and found many years later that He did not forget. As a human being and as a writer, I needed to hear her message today. I can hold on to my dreams and rest in the arms of the Great “I Am,” as He called Himself for Moses’ benefit in Exodus 3:14.

He gave her the desires of her heart twenty years after she first expected to see them come to pass. Ten years after she decided it wasn’t for her; she must have misunderstood God’s plan for her life. Then God seemed to say, “Now that you’re forty years old, I’m going to give you a baby from your innermost being.”

She and her husband adopted three children over the span of ten years and they were perfectly content. Yet, the tiny germ of desire for a child with their DNA which laid dormant inside uncoiled as the seemingly impossible occurred. She, the one doctor’s called “highly improbable” to ever have children, twenty years after her wedding, finally got pregnant. She now has a three month old baby and I can’t tell you her name because I didn’t take the time to get the information from the brochures that came my way.

Some people, not having read the Bible, might not understand why God doesn’t give us our way or respond to prayers in our timing. She sounds like an incredible, normal mom. I’m sure she would have loved her baby if she’d had him at age 21 or 22. When she first showed pictures of her children spaced apart, we didn’t know she had adopted those kids. She said in her heart, they feel no different to her than the one she gave birth to. Yet, I think the very fact that she calls this little baby a miracle begs the point that she probably will appreciate him and the other three children more than a mom that didn’t agonize over ever having the opportunity to hear the cries and laughter of children for ten long years.

That’s my opinion, anyway, for all that it’s worth.

This mom and her husband, from the sounds of it, are in total agreement that it is worth praising God and learning more about Him through the trials and the sunshiny days. She exhorted us to go about our business in life and in the faith while waiting for our answers to prayer.

So many people don’t understand how beautiful and loving and kind and just and merciful our God is because they haven’t had the opportunity to read the Bible or people in authority disdained God or withheld permission from their children to search for God.

It’s too bad, really. As it says in 1John_4:16, (ESV): So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

God is love and love is beautiful. God is worthy of our praises for so many reasons.

May God bless you.


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