Quotes on the Resurrection & Historical Jesus

I didn’t realize so many historians wrote about Jesus from the earlier years in A.D. and then later as others looked back in time.

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“There are, very clearly, at least nineteen early pagan writers who refer to Jesus Christ as an actual, real-life, historical figure: Tacitus, a great historian of Rome; Suetonius, also a historian; Pliny the Younger, one of the leaders of the Roman Empire; Epictetus; Lucian; Aristides; Galenus; Lampridius; Dio Cassius; Emeritus; Annianus (or Anianus); Marcellinu; Eunapius; and Zosimus. Some wrote entire works about Jesus, such as Lucian, Celsus (the first great antagonist, who wrote a whole book attacking Christianity), Porphyry, Hieracles, and Julian the Apostate (p. 75)
–D. James Kennedy, doctorate in comparative religions from New York University, Skeptics Answered: Handling Tough Questions About the Christian Faith, 1997

“Flavius Josephus was the most highly reputed Jewish historian. Born in AD 37, shortly after Christ’s death, he wrote about the Jew’s history and wars. He also was a general in the Jewish army.” (p.76)
–D. James Kennedy, doctorate in comparative religions from…

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  1. I love D. James Kennedy on his wonderful studies. That man (once an atheist) worked hard to disprove the biblical savior and then Father God and Savior opened the eyes of his heart. With his tremendous research skills and knowledge of history he has been so instrumental in expounding on the historical truths many scholars have tried to keep hidden from the general public. In fact there is so much of history (and archeology) that has been purposely changed, omitted and hidden from people. But with the leading of the Holy Spirit many seek and find these things out. It’s a blessing to all when this information is shared and it is by the hand of God Father and Savior that the truth will be known. That way, in the end, no one can say they didn’t know 🙂

    • True. As for D. James Kennedy, I enjoyed hearing him preach. I remember hearing him say he wasn’t born again when he began pastoring. Praise God, he was humble to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior and to admit that he was lost while in a position of teaching God’s children.

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