Family Days

(Note: I wrote this blog on February 25.)

            We have company this weekend. The kids want to stay one more day and it may work out that way. 😊

            It’s been unusual weather in Upstate New York. Days in the 40’s and 50’s Fahrenheit. Then, in the 20’s. A week or so of cold and then a day or two of warm temperatures. Flood warnings after huge quantities of snow melted away. Ice jams in the river from the sudden thaw caused the most concern this winter.

            So, since it seemed safe for driving, our guests arrived. With the cold weather and icy walkways, we’ve mostly stayed indoors. Board games, television shows–some Christian, card games, baking cookies, and talking filled the hours. I read chapters in Genesis when the little ones weren’t calling for Grandma.

            We were given a thawed turkey, so my husband made Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. Mmm mmm good!

            Many hands made for lighter work because there were lots of chores to keep up with. My one daughter made Turkey Ala King from the leftovers. My other daughter saw I had de-cluttered some of the bathroom shelves. She asked if I’d like her to continue getting rid of things that I haven’t used. Some items came with the house when the last folks moved out. So, I told her yes and that she could ask me what goes if she wasn’t sure.

            Three of us girls made chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and to give to neighbors and to Celebrate Recovery attendees. Chocolate chip cookies are my husband’s favorites. We’re eating healthier, but we chose to eat typical American feast-food for a few days. I’m glad to be back on track with our whole plant food eating except for one last cookie and a small glass of ginger ale.

            A couple of our visitors had tummy troubles from the rich food. They stayed an extra day to recover. They skipped church just in case it wasn’t food-related distress. They found a service on the tv. Today, they’re back home and on schedule.  


I hoisted a two-year-old grandchild on my hip when we delivered cookies to a family. Then, last night after they left, I felt a small back spasm. In July of 2020, I experienced severe back spasms which God healed after prayer about 24 hours after they began.

            So, last night I started to panic. Before the panic grew, I asked my husband for help getting boots off. Then, I asked him to pray. I sat very still and read a book. The pain disappeared. I love it when God intervenes!

            Note to self–don’t pick up grandchildren above my weight limit for lifting that the doctor ordered!

            I hoe this finds you well! May God bless you!