What’s Going On in the World?

I watched  “Person of Interest” television show tonight. My husband likes action shows and sometimes I do. The premise of this episode is two artificial intelligences at war to rule the world.

Some of the circumstances remind me of end time prophecies. The evil computer will artificially stimulate events to appear benevolent. Then when everyone adjusts to the peace and prosperity the machine will throw everything into chaos so people will run to a savior.

That savior will be like the anti-Chtist and grab control of everyone except for those rebelling against him. Those in rebellion become enemies of the State and are embroiled in a life or death battle.

The only difference is that the one is lower case god and also a machine. As a viewer, I root for the good guys and the characters are complex. Sometimes a bad guy turns into an ally for a while.

In the real world, I’ve heard testimonies of Mafia members coming to a saving relationship with Christ. All of us were alienated from God before we found forgiveness of sin it tells us in the book of Ephesians. I love the book of Ephesians, it’s very encouraging. Chapter one tells of believers being sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.

God commits to loving us and giving us an inheritance in heaven.

What do you think?

What Are You Stressing About?

I couldn’t get a picture to copy on my blog last night for over fifteen minutes, so my blog posted at 12:02 a.m. sans picture. My husband couldn’t get Netflix to work for him so he tidied up instead. I made my sounds of frustration and then pressed the publish button.

Life goes on. Do you stress over big things, little things, many things? Stress is good for us in small amounts to motivate us to get moving. In large amounts over protracted periods of time, stress endangers our health.

I went to a couple of appointments with my youngest daughter today as she prepares for her “big day” in January. She got a little stressed over some of the things we ended up talking about. After that, I read the last few chapters of Daniel in the Bible which are visions he had of the end times on the planet. He also encountered angelic beings and possibly Jesus if I understand it correctly. They explained the visions and/or dreams that he had.
angel and daniel

photo from neviimtovim.com

There’s nothing like reading about conquering kings and subterfuge and possibly the anti-Christ offering abominable things on the altar in Jerusalem to change my frame of mind. I tried to decipher if these things are about to happen now. Wish I understood it better.

Any concerns about ordering supplies for the wedding or getting dresses altered in time went right out the window.

What are you stressing about?