Dare I Say “Changed” So Quickly?

I feel such hope after attending the Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference. I e-mailed Cecil Murphey, a prolific, award-winning writer. He suggested I ask him for a critique he did on six lines of story at the conference. I signed up for his newsletter while on his website.

I also e-mailed Larry Leech because he said he’d be glad to send me notes on proposals, since I was at Cecil Murphy’s class: “The Power of Story,” when Larry was teaching “Nonfiction Book Proposal.” I signed up for his online newsletter as well.

I’ve come home from many conferences, but soon afterwards, my follow-through slipped away. I never came home with three people asking for a synopsis or a proposal. I never came home and sat down with my husband asking him for input into the scheduling of writing hours.

Cec Murphey asked me what I could give up, so I could spend more time at the keyboard. I really pondered that after our fifteen minute appointment.

Now, here I am, blogging for the second day in a row. I cleaned for three hours yesterday and wrote for five hours. I’m on that same time frame today. It’s amazing how much gets done when the mind is set to get started and set to continue.

I feel changed! Have you ever set a goal that eluded you before, maybe many times, and then you finally reached it? What was the turning point for you?