I planned to blog earlier tonight, but my computer informed me it was beginning updates until it reached 35 thousand something. So, I left the room and picked up the Kindle my son gave me a few Christmases ago and it began to update itself. So, I put it down and decided to clean the kitchen for a bit. Now I’m back at the computer and I visited someone’s site that liked one of my posts and I heard a terrible sound so I quickly exited their site.

It reminded me of an enemy of a duck stepping on it as it lay down and the quirky duck sound from characters in cartoons filled my ears until I clicked on the x button as soon as I could.

Then I immediately prayed for God to protect this computer. There are times in life when a noise occurs that I know means trouble. Unusual grinding noises in my car cause automatic reflexes – foot on the brake, eyes scanning the dashboard for warning lights and little icons that mean something if I can find it in the car manufacturer’s instruction book hidden away in the glove compartment.

At one of the various jobs I held, my boss’s shoes clickety- clacked towards me on the tile floor at an accelerated pace. Then she’d open a drawer and start pawing through things and I’d do my best to escape from the narrow passageway as she grumbled about not being able to find …

After she released pent up anger or frustration, I’d hear the drawer slam and her shoes moving slower and with daintier steps away and I’d re-appear to wait on customers. I used to thank Jesus that she was not my mother and pray for her children and all of her employees. I ended up leaving that job for a different opportunity and my friends told me she became easier to work for after a little while. Who knows what stress people live with that we know nothing about?

Yesterday my daughter came over to the house for much of the day. She brought a nineteen month old boy she and her husband are caring for quite a bit to help out his mom. I’m teaching him how to race down a hallway with all the doors shut and no barriers to stumble over. When we get back to the living room, he lets out a delighted laugh and turns back to the entryway to start over. I point out my toe and hold him back as I say, “Ready? On your mark, get set, Go!”

Off we run with him in the lead. As he beats me, he gives me a high five and then he tries to say the word, “Ready” which comes out like, “Rery.”

That’s a noise I like to hear. He has a hearty laugh that gets me laughing right alongside of him.

I hope this finds you well. May God bless you!



Hi! How are you, today?

Have you ever noticed that the best plans go awry some days? I had three appointments today. The first one’s time snuck up on me so I realized I was going to be a couple of minutes late.

Then I got behind traffic and the lead truck liked to drive under the speed limit. So I was almost ten minutes late.

I got home and barely had time to grab a bite to eat and then off to my next stop.

At the second appointment I watched the clock. The lady said she’d finish soon so I could make my third in a timely manner. I figured I had a five minute window after I reached my car to get started and be on time.

That would have been great if my car didn’t meld in with so many similar cars. I even noted a sign near my slot to find it easier.  It didn’t work. After lots of exercise walking the parking lot, I found it. Praise God!

The dr.s office said I wasn’t too late,  so that worked out. But every once in a while I’m reminded: I may make plans but it doesn’t mean they’ll remain unaltered. God is in charge and if he wants me behind cautious drivers, so be it. I kept my distance and kept my cool. All is well, although eight hours later when I drove home, I didn’t feel as smiley as I did in the morning.

I wanted food, rest and to have my own way for a bit. Lol.

I’m asking God to change me and being stretched takes patience. I thank Him for the fruits of the Spirit He gives. That’s in Galatians 5, near verses 22, 23, I think. One is patience.

Even now my computer was configuring itself so I’m blogging on a small screen. My lesson today is to be flexible, I guess. He’s leading. I’m learning to follow.