Organize Your Day

I ordered an e-book from our library when I couldn’t get there, so I looked for one of my favorite topics – getting organized.

Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims wrote a book called Organize Your Day: Time Management Techniques That Will Work for You, published by Revell Books, Grand Rapids, MI and copyrighted in 2009.

Organizing your day by Sandra Felton(photo from )

What I love about their books is their motto about taking “small” consistent steps to effect real change.

I tend to think that starting four habits when I want to make one alteration multiplies the results. Surely, more is better than less, but then reality sinks in. “I can’t do this!”

In this book, Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims give four styles of organizing charts. One that caught my attention was for a man with such a broad range of interests that he wrote sixteen things he wanted to do.

Of every two items, the man chose the most important and soon the list was down to eight. Once again-the most important whittled down to four.

It forces the planner to think-now it’s down to two. Final choice, what is the most significant thing to the individual? The man felt relief, one thing I can focus on until it’s done.

This morning as I read in the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, published by Thomas Nelson Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Mexico City, in Mexico; and Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil; and copyrighted in 2011, there was a devotional page which I thought was from Sarah Young’s book, Jesus Calling.

Jesus Calling, was copyrighted in 2004 and published by HarperCollins Christian Publishers, Nashville, TN.

On page 1037 in the Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, there’s an entry entitled “Protection” and it’s got a reference: “(From Jesus Lives by Sarah Young)” on the bottom of the page.

She reminds us that Jesus is with us in the good times and the bad times. When we’re struggling during times of affliction, He’s even closer than usual.

So, He hears our cries over a lack of control over clutter or gluttony or road rage or whatever tendencies which cause our hearts to hurt. The Scriptures the Bible gives at the bottom of this devotional are “Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 12:2, Psalm 23:4, and Psalm 18:35.”

Jesus is our protector if we ask Him to take control over our lives completely. He helps us to release the tight grip on our lives in a manner that we can deal with, if we really mean it. He’s not a mean task master in the sky. He’s a loving Father, beyond what any earthly dad could ever mirror with their behavior.

I hope you are well. May God bless you and protect you, lead you and guide you if you want Him to.


Rarely Late, At Last

I tend to write my blog after a full day. Today is no exception. I never intend to write so late, but things need to be done so I get to them first.

This morning before Bible study I got a phone call from one of my sisters. She wanted to tell me some news, so I listened as I got ready.

I’ve had difficulty being on time for most of my life. Sometime over the last couple of years it started to sink in – this has got to change.

It’s embarrassing, it’s rude – or at least inconvenient for others, my husband hates it, it gets adrenaline pumping which isn’t healthy when it’s too often, some doctor’s offices will turn a patient away after fifteen minutes late, airplanes take off without their customer, and it began to occur to me that there must be control issues involved.

Enough of this, I decided. So I snuck my way around this bad habit.

  • I set my timer to leave fifteen minutes earlier than normal.
  • I wrote appointments fifteen minutes earlier in my planner.

That alone gave me a thirty minute cushion. I began thinking about what to wear including accent pieces a day or two ahead of time.

So after talking to my sister today and arriving a few minutes late for Bible study, I felt off kilter, almost as if I was leaning slightly to the left.

We ended a few moments later than usual, which was no big deal and then my next few appointments ran as scheduled.

But I noticed a temptation to dawdle before leaving the house the second time. Uh oh.

I went South to visit my son and his family. His wife and I and two family members needed to leave the house by 3:30, she said. At 3:20 I’m at the stairway waiting, and I could have left at 3:15. At 3:29 no one is ready to go, so I asked her what was going on.

She blushed. “Your son told me to expect you to be a half hour late, so I told you the wrong time.”

I hadn’t seen him for more than a day or two for a year and a half. I said, “Doesn’t he know people change?”

That’s why I love being a Christian. My husband and I will be married 41 years this summer and by the grace of God he’s changed some and I’ve changed some, which makes for more peace. We are not perfect, but we live with hope.

I pray God’s blessings on you.



Easter Dinner Tomorrow – I Hope

Hi! I keep putting off Easter Dinner, waiting for the time when the kids are free and the hubby is available. Now, it looks as though maybe just one or two of the kids are coming over, maybe the husband will be around and a handful of grandchildren.


Do you ever make plans and see them float downstream? I’ve been hearing from my spouse, and reminding myself, God’s got this. Lots of things are going in a direction I’m almost sure is the wrong way. Then, since I have no control over any of the results or the decisions leading to the results, I’ve decided to let go. Let what’s going to happen, happen. Then, sit back and watch what God has in mind.

I may have already written that last week or a little more than that, the keys to my car were with my husband in another town. I had a dr.s appointment and I called them to cancel. When I arrived at a later appointment I ran into two people I know. One I prayed for, the other I talked to, and then a little girl barely old enough to walk was there. Cute as can be, with a virus that she couldn’t shake. So, even though the parent didn’t know  it, I also asked God to intervene for her.

I thought, maybe that’s why my appointment got changed. For those people. To see a different physician’s assistant who’s about ready to retire at the end of her day, when she’s not stressing to get me out before the next patient. Maybe she wouldn’t be that way, but I don’t know. I told her ladies at my Bible study sat around a table and said she was going to be missed. Maybe she needed a word of encouragement. Another thing I don’t know for sure.

All I do know is that when I rest in God’s control over my life and this world, I have lots more peace than when I keep my hands knotted on the ship’s wheel.

When I was driving my little car in the wind today in NYS, I was thinking, “Jesus, take the wheel,” like the Carrie Underwood song’s lyrics. I took a tree lined route to avoid wind without any barriers on an expressway.

Driving along,I got thinking, if we have a delayed Easter dinner tomorrow, so be it. If it falls apart, there’s always another day. “Your will be done, Lord.”