God’s Wondrous Works

“That I may proclaim and publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.” Psalm 26:7 (KJV)

I hear more often from my daughters than my sons, maybe it’s a girl thing. They have more words to give than their brothers. Today I heard from one of my daughters about eight or ten answers to prayer she had over the last week. She is a newlywed in a new neighborhood with lots of kids around. They’ve discovered the hours when she’s home. She has a heart for kids. So, one of her prayer requests is that she could get some extra food without spending more at the grocery store so the kids can have a snack.

Sunday night our church had a worship service and a healing ministry if God wants to bless in that manner. I always invite her and her husband to come out for it if they can. They don’t live nearby, so I’m not sure if they’ll make the effort or not. They made it this last Sunday.

They got treated to dinner by his folks at a restaurant, so after our service when a group of people wanted to attend a local pizzeria, I told them if they weren’t hungry they could join us and just have a drink. She wanted to visit with everyone, so they agreed. When my pizza came without the right crust or the right toppings, I began to eat it, but I did say to one of the ladies that it got all goofed up. She told our waitress that we needed a corrected pizza.

Then I noticed they never delivered the fourth pizza. If we bought two at a time, we saved nine dollars on the price of the fourth pizza. The waitress realized she wrote the order down and never gave it to the cooks. So, she put the order in after we were full and told them to just box it up to go. I offered my daughter and son-in-law the leftover pizza and our friends didn’t want the fourth pizza, so she and he left with a full pizza and at least a half pizza, if not more for no cost to them. That was one of our daughter’s answers to prayer.

She had story after story of God giving them things they needed this week, some just in time.

My other daughter called with a few answers to prayer this week as well. My sons call with praise reports on a less regular basis because I hear from them less anyway. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

I called my son right in the middle of writing this blog because my computer asked if I wanted to slow keystrokes down because it was giving me too many letters at a time. So, I said yes. Then I had no keystroke ability at all. Since I allowed the change, I didn’t think turning off the computer and re-starting it would help. So, I called my son, who knows computers better than I do, and he had no idea how to fix it. He said to Google it, and it worked. Praise God! An easy fix when you can follow instructions. He also said, “Mom, don’t say yes to allow changes on your computer, ever.”

Of course, I said, “Okay.”

So, I’ll stop bragging on my son. 🙂

Then, I got thinking of a verse that brags on Jesus and all that He did while living in His human body. My husband helped me find it in the last book of John. John 21:25, (KJV) says, “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.”

My husband was quick to point out the word suppose in that verse. “This is an exaggeration,” he said.

I know that, but it’s one of my favorite verses. The miracles and teachings Jesus gave in the New Testament provide such food for thought and to imagine that there were so many more we’re not aware of from the Scriptures, it boggles my mind. What a good God we serve.

May God bless you!



What’s Being Taught?

Whenever we watch television sitcoms with married couples insulting one another I’ll look at my husband and say, “If people really talked that way to each other, their marriages would never make it.”

He agrees. If we see too many in a short time span, I find myself getting grumpy with him.

Those negative remarks permeate the atmosphere of our home. Then we stop watching them or I go to another part of the house to fold laundry or to do some reading or writing. A bit later and there’s an uplifting show on instead. 🙂

I remember years ago a friend sent me an e-mail about an unwelcome guest. It said that people wouldn’t invite rude and obnoxious and dangerous speaking individuals in the front door, but what about television?

Last night my husband turned on a movie about a down and out guy who decides to adopt a five year old boy. I came in from the kitchen and this PG-13 rated movie shows two other men kissing. I didn’t expect that and I didn’t care to see it. Just like I’m offended to see unmarried men and women in bed together in PG-13 movies or on tv dramas.

God made sex for married couples and the first family couple portrayed in the Bible for our example were male and female.

A lady in a small town asked me to write her story last year. I drove to her place to interview her and after 30 min. I got fidgety. There was nothing to write that might interest readers.

I prepared to leave and she grabbed my arm. “Please, I need you to write about my concern.”

She told me some personal heart wrenching tragedies but I didn’t think publishers wanted to touch those issues since editors mentioned that at conferences I’d been to: too much of that out there already. She said, “I don’t care about that! The thing that needs to be addressed is the changes in society.”

She wore a dress and was probably in her late seventies. “I volunteer at the local school in this small town. I want you to write about 2nd and 3rd grade boys holding hands on their way to school and telling people they’re gay. What in the world are they teaching the children in school? Where are the parents? Those boys are too young to have any idea at all if they’re gay or not.”

She wanted me to warn parents.

God loves all people and tells us to love others as we love ourselves. But He calls certain things sin that He won’t tolerate: sex outside of marriage, gossip, homosexuality, stealing, lying, drunkenness, idolatry, covetousness, greed, etc.

That’s why He sent Jesus, God the Son to take on all the sins of the world and Jesus told us to repent.

Believe in Jesus Christ, admit our sins and repent of them, and obey God. That’s what Jesus said when He walked on earth in the form of man. He said we’d be born again and able to be called sons and daughters of God. It’s in John 1 and John 3 and John 14.

“Please God, have mercy on our souls. Keep us from wrong viewing habits, listening habits and reading habits that You don’t like, for our own good and the good of others. We need Your help and I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, God Almighty. Amen.”





Carrot Juicing or Blogging? Blogging Won

I am determined to make carrot juice today. I also set a goal to write in my blog once every two weeks at least. For the moment, the carrot juice is on hold.

Carrot juice tastes yummy if I add beets and something green, like romaine lettuce, and an apple, and celery. Not everyone in my family agrees with me, like one daughter who is single and calls herself a cat lady. My other daughter has also called herself a cat lady, but she is married and a mom. I do not call myself a cat lady, so they didn’t get it from me.

My oldest daughter likes carrot juice, but like me, she finds it’s a lot of work. Perhaps, like me, she finds it boring to set up the machine, clean the produce, put the veggies through the shoot for about an hour and then clean everything up. I tend to put a CD in, and listen to some teaching I’m interested in during the prep time, so that helps.

Why do I make carrot juice? It tastes good to me, it makes my body feel refreshed and energized, I had cataracts that have shrunk down to teensey-tiny because of drinking raw juice. Besides, I cannot find raw juice for sale in any store, and my husband refused to let me pay someone else to make the juice for me. LOL

I think I’m motivated to make carrot juice now. If anyone out there reads this blog, maybe you would like to tell me how you motivate yourself to do the healthy thing on a consistent basis. Also, good for you!