What About Prejudice?

(photo from https://www.amazon.co.uk/Smoky-Night-Eve-Bunting/dp/0152018840)

When my husband preached on Matthew 15: 21-28 from the New Testament of the Bible this last Sunday morning on the desperate Canaanite mother with her demonized daughter, he made a comment that grabbed my attention.

“Prejudices are inherent, we all have them. We need to recognize them and fight them until they are gone.”

I like to read children’s easy reader books by Eve Bunting. One of her tomes placed a Hispanic boy in a big city with his mom. A local grocery store owner from an Asian country had a fat growly cat. The lady yelled at the children in the neighborhood, the cat hissed at them.

When their tall building caught on fire it changed all of their lives.

Such a great story: Smoky Night by Eve Bunting and illustrated by David Diaz, portrays people in a powerful way without preaching about their attitudes or circumstances.

This award-winning book was published by Voyager Books, San Diego; New York, NY; and London, and copyrighted in 1994.

I hope you are well. May God bless you.

Writing Potpourri


Last Monday I got online to look for opportunities to write for income. I felt a check in my spirit, so I turned to other things. Unfortunately, I got lured into some internet sites that were interesting but robbed my time.

I had a reasonable list of items on my to-do list. Then I pulled up some book buying sites to get a Bible study book, Totally Forgiving God, by R. T. Kendall:Totally Forgiving God - When it Seems He Has Betrayed You ebook by R.T. Kendall

It’s published by Charisma House, Lake Mary, FL, and copyrighted in 2012.

For some reason I struggled with one of the sites. The second site only offered the book as an e-book and I’m going to share the book with my husband. The definite advantage of an e-book – it would be available right away. I’m still waiting for the paperback. The e-book would have saved me about four dollars, too. I would have liked that.

My granddaughter and I both like real books. The feel of the paper and the look of the letters on the page as compared to reading from a screen appeals to me. As a writer, I pay attention to changes in book formats and to new technology the best I can.

I began reading a book today by Eve Bunting. I love her books. She writes for children and this one happens to be a Young Adult book entitled, S.O.S. Titanic.S.O.S. Titanic ebook by Eve Bunting  I got a blue and black covered book from the library, copyrighted in 1996 and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Boston, MA and New York, NY. Eve Bunting is a great writer. If you’ve never read her books, I hope you’ll do so. She writes wonderful picture books as well.

May God bless you!