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I’ve been reading the book, Where the Wild Rose Blooms, by Lori Wick, copyrighted in 1996 and published by Harvest House Publishers; Eugene, OR.

Two of the characters believe in God and even pray, but they think they can live their lives on their own, with their own strength. The author has the characters relying on their own resources and being proud of their accomplishments, never understanding that their intelligence, their job opportunities, their families, their looks, and their personalities were all a gift from God. Whenever hard things came their way, they could pray and believe God wanted to help them, or they could get mad at Him, stiffen their resolve and push forward.

I remember a friend telling me that she and the children got into a car accident. I asked if they were okay. “We didn’t get hurt,” she said.

“Praise God,” I said.

“I blamed Him,” she said.

We talked a little further, but she didn’t want to, so we changed the subject. She kept a tidy home and I never saw a trace of dirt on her daughter and son when we came over to visit. She liked predictability in life I think.

I’ve noticed that life goes its own way. I make my plans and sometimes things go the way I think they will. Other times, I shift from my list and at the end of the day make an accounting of where the hours went. Sometimes I’m content with it and at other times, the idea that poor choices prevailed slams my brain.

I like believing in God in a way that became new to me as a teenager. Not just knowing about God, but learning that God wanted to be in a relationship with me. Asking God to be in charge of my life frees me to relax and to trust in His guiding hand when things happen that are out of my control. Reading the Bible and being able to understand it occurred after I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Wanting to serve others doesn’t come naturally to me, but the desire to do so grew after I believed in God in my heart instead of just in my thoughts.

This book by Lori Wick gets into a few of these things some of the time. I like reading fiction that entertains and gets me thinking.

2Corinthians_5:17 , (KJV) says, “ Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

That’s how I felt: new inside so that nature shone with a greater beauty and a love for people sprang up in a fuller way. I’m not perfect. I’m not always peaceful when things get rough, I don’t always feel loving when faced with difficult folks, but I’m changed from what I used to be. To God be the glory.

May God bless you. I pray you’ll know Him personally if you don’t already. He knows you and He loves you. He believes in you and He wants you to believe in Him. Just start reading the Gospel of John.

Time Management

I took a tape out of the library a couple of months ago. Not many people use a tape recorder any more, but I have one that still works, I think. It did a few months ago. So I listened to “Time Management for Dummies” by Jeffrey J. Mayer and another Dummies book on Finances. It was a two book audio version of the books. I keep reading books on finance because I have an idea for a finance book I want to write.

The book on Time Management gave me one idea I’ve latched onto. Make a Master List of everything you want to get done and work on the most important thing on the list first. That’s part of the suggestion. So tonight I worked on thinning out some of my papers. The idea is less clutter, more room for thought and peaceful surroundings.

Have a great day!