The Presence of God More or Less

My husband and I are watching “Iron Chef” on YouTube tonight. It makes me want to expand my recipes and to try them soon. 🙂

We tried a new restaurant half an hour from home today in order to meet my brother and sister-in-law out on a day trip.

We met at a stone-oven pizza place, but my husband and I ended up ordering submarine sandwiches. They shared a Maryland crab pizza which looked tasty. They liked it. What a nice surprise to see loved ones on a glorious day.

As I looked at the blue sky and the bright sunshine I got thinking about the verse that “The heavens declare His righteousness and all the people see His glory,” Psalm 97:6 (KJV).

It’s so easy to get right to work or to turn to entertainment or to relationships and/or exercise and then put God in the “catch you later” time frame. I found this to be especially true when I worked outside of the home. Day after day I thought, I’ll have my devotional time tomorrow.

As with all relationships, a lack of time together and interaction lessens the connection between those involved.

So I try to spend time with God daily and keep Him in mind and pray as I go about my day.

I didn’t do so well with it today. I don’t feel like I have to, I just sense the necessity of it. Later in the day I went to see the dermatologist and he took four small biopsies. By the fourth one it became very painful and I felt a few tears surface. So the doctor asked the nurses to take me to a separate room to compose myself.

I know God never leaves me alone, but there are times when His Presence is heavy like a warm blanket on a chilly day. Today was not like that, but in the car I sorted out my feelings as my husband listened and that blessed me.

So, tomorrow I will spend quiet time alone with God, pen in hand and notebook nearby to jot down impressions. When I’m in that mode, time flies and there’s such peace I hate to break away, but I usually have a list of duties I’m working on.

That extraordinary peace stays with me for quite a while.

May God bless you!

Seeing Those You Love

Have you ever noticed in life that we can get so busy we think we’ll see those that we love another time?

I made an appointment in a nearby city for June 1, thinking I’d be sure and see my sister. She has decided to move to TX in the beginning of May.

I told my youngest daughter that I miss her, because she and I get doing what we need to do and sometimes our paths don’t cross. Today, she called to see if I want to get together and I’m looking into it. Sometimes I need to seize the moment, spend a little money I  think I don’t want to spare and just be with her. She loves to travel. I never know if she may travel to a foreign land and then God suggest she move there. So, I’m saying “Yes, let’s pick a day and go to a show.”

In the Old Testament, God wanted his people to take time to celebrate. I choose to relax in the presence of family and friends and say, “Thank You, God for giving me the desires of my heart.”

When we were younger, our friends would say, “Let’s get together sometime.”

We wouldn’t. My husband began to say, “Let me pull out my planner right now.”

That small habit changed our lives. We found time to see people we really cared about. It enriched our lives.

I may post a newsletter that I wrote for church for the beginning of May. It talks of Philippians 4:8, about thinking on whatever is lovely and pure and of a good report, etc. I love that verse. That Scripture turns my thinking around. I find things to appreciate.

Be blessed, my friends.

Crossroads in Life

Have you ever come to a crossroad in life? Do I change jobs because I’m constantly at odds with the company’s policies? Do I continue dating this man or tell him we need to part ways? Do I continue to follow Christ when all my friends tell me I’m no fun anymore? Do I spend this money or save it toward a specific goal: education, better food, clothes, transportation, to help someone in need? Do I continue working tremendous hours or do I spend more time with my loved ones?

Life gives us so many opportunities. When a crisis hits, we can pivot and change priorities radically or in increments. Sometimes a crisis will so change us that folks that haven’t seen us in years will feel they don’t know us anymore. Tomorrow at church I am going to give a word that I’m sure God has spoken to me, in His still small voice. It is the second time I ‘ll say the same thing in a short time span. “I’m coming quickly,” that’s what I believe Jesus is saying. So many biblical prophecies are already fulfilled. His quickly may not be “my” quickly, but then again, it might be. So I consider my writing. Spend a ton of time on finishing my novel. Spend more time blogging. Continue placing ads for freelance writing for individuals or businesses.

What do you think? Part of the word is to stir up the gift within you that God has given you, now is not the time to lie dormant. Do you want to share your opinion?


Vacation time came and then slipped away. The inconveniences made me long for home. I burnt my arm three times on a hot seat belt clasp in Tennessee over a few days. I told myself, “Remember! Pay attention to the scorching metal and plastic parts.”  🙂

That has never happened to me in New York. Although I heard it was the hottest weather Tennessee has ever experienced. I liked Tennessee a lot though: friendly people, lots of stores nearby, sunshine, good food, plenty of churches.

The love of son and grandson in Tennessee, meeting their friends and a new loved one, the eating out, and checking out of museums, and helping pick out brand new furniture made me dread going back to my reality.

Then my husband and I enjoyed a leisurely drive back home and the dread turned to anticipation and delight in the beauty of our town and the surrounding mountains.

I found joy in my home town responsibilities. I decided not to step down from a board position after all. I chose worship music for a month of Sundays. 🙂

I looked forward to seeing my other children and friends and associates. I declared to many that New York is as beautiful a state as Kentucky and Tennessee and West Virginia and Virginia and Pennsylvania with our mountains and streams and lakes and fluffy clouds.

If the earth takes my breath away, what will heaven be like, with all its perfection? If God astounds me with His answers to prayer and His provision and His peace that He bestows willingly, what will it be like to see Him face to face?

Vacations are great if you can manage one when you’re weary. Sometimes you have to plan or take them close to home, but the rest always makes me appreciate what I sometimes find burdensome or uninspiring.

I never tired of hearing people I care about say, “Welcome home!”

I smiled and said, “Thank you, it’s great to be back.”

Now if I could only convince loved ones in other states to buy a jet plane and visit me on demand.