More Thoughts On the Next Generation

So, I know where my grandson gets his pondering from 24 hours after the fact. It’s partly from me.

I rehashed yesterday’s blog on time spent with the grandchildren. In addition, on Sunday night my daughter worked on some paperwork she needed to finish up, so she asked if one of us would help get the kids ready for bed.

The older they get, the less help they need. I think I helped two of them floss their teeth and the four year old needed a little help reaching the hidden teeth at the far left and the far right when brushing them. I put his toothpaste on the brush so the whole tube didn’t get emptied out. 🙂

Just before tucking them in for the night we turned to the Bible for a short story. The oldest boy asked if they could act out the one I chose. That kept me scrambling through the pages.

I chose Jesus being led by the Spirit out to the wilderness. There’s lots of action in that but not so much as in David and the giant Goliath facing off in battle in 1 Samuel 17. I didn’t want to wake them up.

The oldest and I read Matthew chapter four to them and we’d switch off children to characters so everyone had a turn. It wasn’t bad asking, “Who wants to be Jesus?”

Saying, “Who wants to be the devil?” with enthusiastic responses of “I will!” was a bit disconcerting for this Grandma.

They really got into it, especially the second-born grandson.

Montrose Christian Writers Conference in Montrose, PA does a dramatical event for participants that I entered in a couple of times. Every small group gets their own bit of Scripture to re-enact. I portrayed the person burying their talent into the ground so the Master wouldn’t lose his talent.

When the “Master” called me a wicked servant and asked why I didn’t put the money into the bank at least, to earn interest it really hit home. That Scripture is found in Matthew 25: 1-30. When Jesus quoted at the end, ‘And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,’ I got a chill as my co-writers helped cast me away from the group.

Anyway, the four children and I finished our acting out the Scriptures and then we prayed for a little bit. I love hearing little ones pray.

Sometimes when I babysit at their home after getting them all ready for bed I’m absolutely exhausted and not that interested in the secular story and then the devotional time. I just want them to go to sleep.

I’m glad my daughter did the child care for most of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the wrap up at the end of their last day at our house.

May God bless your day!


Young Adult Books

My son gave me a copy of his book, Divergent, by Veronica Roth, copyrighted in 2011, and published by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Books, New York, NY to read. It’s a young adult novel.

It got placed in his empty dresser drawer, and when he visited last he let me know where to find it.

I told my husband when I read it that it was a bit violent for me, and he wondered why I read it. It grabbed my interest but rarely mentioned God. The characters and situations compelled me to keep reading, although I was able to put it down and read it over a two or three day time span.

As I related portions of the book to the ladies in my Bible study it occurred to me that the book raised some excellent questions that I pondered throughout the volume. Then today I picked up a book on hold for me written by Richard Peck, entitled Past Perfect, Present Tense: New and Collected Stories. It was published by Dial Books, New York, NY and copyrighted in 2004. On page 2 he writes, “Again, like all fiction, a short story is never an answer, always a question….Fiction writers have only questions, and the eternal question all fiction asks the reader is: WHAT IF I WERE THE CHARACTER IN THIS STORY? WHAT WOULD I DO?”

Isn’t that an amazing correlation between his comments and my thoughts about her book?

In his first story, the ending is abrupt and startling. He wrote it with a thirty-six hour deadline and at the request of an editor. He’d never considered writing a short story before. I guess it’s good to stretch our horizons, especially as writers.

Well, I’m on a mission to fulfill a shorter blog time, as suggested by author coach Suzy Q, (Suzanne Kuhn) a couple of years ago at Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Lately, I’ve been spending hours. They end up being too long.

Happy writing if you’re a writer.

Yay for Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference!

I recently attended the Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference in Montrose, PA near Binghamton, NY. I am not a regular attendee, but when I can make it there, I always leave encouraged, challenged, determined to persevere in the world of words and ideas.

Suzanne Kuhn, author promoter, gave us tips on how to interact with readers and how to garner positive feed back. Her brand, “Suzy Q” looked classy on a banner large enough to be seen, yet compact enough to fit into a classroom,

Larry Leech, author coach, gave his “Time Management Class” a time sheet and asked us to track our time for two weeks, if I remember correctly. This is not a new idea, but what is new is my following through on it. I made fourteen two-sided copies and began keeping track yesterday.  Today, I noticed by early morning I was an hour behind what I thought I’d be doing. I’m not stressed over it, but it’s enlightening. Now, it’s time for me to jot down “blogged” for forty-five minutes on my daily tracker. To God be the glory for the good things He does. He never gives up. He helps me not to give up, although I have times when I falter. 🙂

Tomorrow I intend to mention other authors and presenters at the conference. Any questions? I’d be glad to answer them for you if I can.