So Much!

Some days I’m not sure what to write about, others there’s so much to choose from it’s hard to know what to mention and what to let go of. That is an art in writing. I recently read that when you write everything out for the reader and don’t leave room for them to “get it,” or imagine their own scenario, that’s “writing on the nose.”

Jerry Jenkins mentioned that and I apologize if this is the second time I brought this up. When I read that piece of advice, “Don’t write on the nose,” I pondered, Do I do that?

In non-fiction, the reader needs to be able to follow where you’re going, but even there, “on the nose” writing may insult their intelligence or bore them.  So, as I’m  writing daily, I’m working on not writing “on the nose.”

On the novel, I’m trying to put my heroine in danger that changes her life. I keep niggling on the idea of writing from the brother’s point of view and he’s the antagonist. I just don’t want to do it, but today it almost seemed like he was in my head showing me just what he felt about the situation.

I have Scriptures posted near the computer for motivation. Proverbs 22: 29 (NKJV) says, “Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.”

Not that I want to stand before kings, it reminds me not to settle for mediocrity.

A verse I read unintentionally the other day said, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

That was from the Apostle Paul in  2 Thess. 3:10 in the (KJV).

That’s motivated me around the house and with my writing as well. I’ll take all the encouragement I can get. LOL

I thought I’d write more on my novel earlier in the day, but my list of to-do’s got in the way. I’m cleaning a room that got neglected and today I used the paper shredder to get rid of excess copies of treasurer and secretary reports from a non-profit organization I volunteered at for at least four years in this town. The shredder stops when it gets too warm, I think. I almost bought another one tonight because I thought I broke it. A friend suggested I pray over it, and I did. Then it worked. It may have a short in the wire; I’ll ask my husband to look at it.

Anyway, I’ll have to blog about the other stuff I was thinking of on another day. Too many words can be like too much food. What was enjoyable turns into discomfort and stimulates a lack of appetite, in my opinion. Hope you have a good day!

Versatile Blogger Award

At the end of January, just before my youngest daughter got married, I received my first award ever for writing, the Versatile Blogger Award, sent to me by blogger, Chanel. Thank you, I really enjoy your blog!

I’d like to nominate fifteen others. I hope they’ll be blessed as I was. 🙂

  1. Beautybeyondbones

Now, I’m supposed to write seven things about myself.

  1. I don’t know how to make the above sites listed into links. Sigh.
  2. I heard about Jesus Christ and God wanting to be in relationship with me and I didn’t get it for many weeks, although a high school class mate had something to say about it Monday through Friday.
  3. I’m married to a wonderful guy.
  4. I’ve worked at two libraries over the years.
  5.  I finished a novel but its lacking what it takes to get published now. So I’m thinking.
  6. I’m blogging almost six days a week, consistently. That’s amazing to me.
  7. I’m blessed to have children and grandchildren and friends.

I don’t write to win awards, but I have to say, it warmed my heart. I write because I have to write, it’s become a small part of me. Enjoy your day.


i’m writing first thing in the morning because last night I realized I didn’t blog yesterday and I had committed to blogging every day except for Sunday. So, I decided to blog right away.

“Commit all you do to the LORD, trust Him to help you do it, and He will.” Psalm 37:5 I couldn’t find the version for this particular quote. It’s very close to many others.

I got sucked into a book written by Gayle Roper entitled “Lost & Found,” yesterday. The topic made me a little uncomfortable, but I had to know how things would turn out. The book was copyrighted in 2013 in Gayle Roper’s name but I can’t tell you who published it because I looked all through the first pages, on the spine and in the back, and didn’t find a name. The last page says Made in the USA, Middletown, DE, 11 July 2015. I bought it near the end of July, 2015: talk about hot off the presses.

She signed it for me with the encouragement: “I look forward to your novels!” and wrote Col. 3:17 for me to look up and read. I took this long to start this book because I take out library books and there’s a due date on those! 🙂

I’ve been concentrating on blogging and housework and Bible studies and family/friends and it’s been hitting me that I haven’t worked on my novel since early January.

So, I’m going to grab onto Psalm 37:5, “Commit all you do to the LORD, trust Him to help you do it, and He will.”

Anything you want to commit to or anybody you want to commit to today?

Writing and Living

People ask me what I’m up to. I’ll tell them about writing or seeing a movie or reading a book or attending family functions, or visiting with friends I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been writing on a novel proposal pretty steadily.

I borrowed a book from the library on writing a novel which was supposed to help more than any other book out there. I couldn’t finish it, even though the writing techniques were helpful.

I’ve heard it said that what you are comes through in your writing. This writer liked to talk about things that I didn’t care to hear about. Then every exercise referred to this author’s interest in one way or another. Anecdotes came out that I wished I hadn’t read. To kill or not to kill may be an example. Then it occurred to me, if more and more of the book lacked appeal, why was I reading his work?

There are many good books out there on improving fiction techniques. I own some that I have not finished, maybe a couple not started yet.

So if you ask what I’m up to, I’ll tell you I’m returning some library books, I went to see the movie, “Left Behind.” I had coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in months. I keep reading Davis Bunn books this week, one co-written with Janette Oke called “The Centurion’s Wife,” because they touch my soul and I like the way he describes setting and because I identify with his characters. This applies to her, too. And I’m enjoying family.

What are you up to? Do you want to say?

Crossroads in Life

Have you ever come to a crossroad in life? Do I change jobs because I’m constantly at odds with the company’s policies? Do I continue dating this man or tell him we need to part ways? Do I continue to follow Christ when all my friends tell me I’m no fun anymore? Do I spend this money or save it toward a specific goal: education, better food, clothes, transportation, to help someone in need? Do I continue working tremendous hours or do I spend more time with my loved ones?

Life gives us so many opportunities. When a crisis hits, we can pivot and change priorities radically or in increments. Sometimes a crisis will so change us that folks that haven’t seen us in years will feel they don’t know us anymore. Tomorrow at church I am going to give a word that I’m sure God has spoken to me, in His still small voice. It is the second time I ‘ll say the same thing in a short time span. “I’m coming quickly,” that’s what I believe Jesus is saying. So many biblical prophecies are already fulfilled. His quickly may not be “my” quickly, but then again, it might be. So I consider my writing. Spend a ton of time on finishing my novel. Spend more time blogging. Continue placing ads for freelance writing for individuals or businesses.

What do you think? Part of the word is to stir up the gift within you that God has given you, now is not the time to lie dormant. Do you want to share your opinion?