Doctor’s Office

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I went to the doctor’s office today and met with a doctor I didn’t know before because my practitioner was on vacation. She listened and took her time and encouraged me, so it was nice. I’ve been surrounded by people with the flu, pneumonia, strep throat and other maladies. So, I’ve been trying to eat healthy and get some exercise and get enough sleep and read the Bible and pray.

But a while ago, my throat started to hurt just a little and I’d been battling sinus issues and an earache, so when a rash popped up, I hoped I didn’t have strep throat. Sometimes I wait a little too long to go to the doctor. I don’t fool with strep throat because a cousin-in-law tried to treat it herself at home and she ended up losing her kidneys. This was years ago, but when it comes to throats, I’ve always been proactive.

It was nice to drive on clear roads and not be buffeted by winds filled with drifting snow. More snow is forecasted and a visitor from the East of us said she just wished we had more sunshine here. She left sunny skies and drove into this area of gray clouds and it’s been about the same ever since. I blamed it on Lake Ontario. I’m used to clouds. Those who suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder use lights that mimic natural light to help them cope. Every piece of this earth has pluses and minuses, from what I see and hear from others. I’m content where I live, although sometimes I long for Spring to arrive before schedule.

I hope you are avoiding the need for medical personnel, but if not, there have been times when I’ve been tremendously happy to have them in crisis situations. So, I pray you have assistance with your trouble. I’ve had God heal me without the need for antibiotics and I love that!

Today was not one of those days.

May God bless!

Wisdom on the Fourteenth

I got reading Proverbs 14 today in the NASB – 1977 version and the following ones resonated with me:

Proverbs 14:26: In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence, and his children will have refuge. *On the side of the margin there was a translators’ notation showing “His” as an alternative for “his.”

Proverbs 14:27: The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, That one may avoid the snares of death.

Proverbs 14:34: Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.

In this day and age, I know people that work their own businesses and occasionally they find themselves short on finances. A person told me today that when reading the Bible it occurred to them that there may be times coming when it’ll be best to ask God to supply their need and not necessarily in a monetary way. Then the individual said, “If ever government required their citizens to buy and sell by using a chip in their forehead or in their wrist, by already having the faith to pray for needs, the person could avoid having a chip inserted into their very being.”

We were discussing the new credit cards which are slowly being replaced with cards containing a chip, mandated by the US government. From a chip in a card, may we be made to get a chip in our body some day? Certain people think the number “666” will be hidden in a binary code made up of zeros and ones, so ordinary folks wouldn’t have a clue that they were receiving the mark of the beast under their skin. It could be sold to the people as a security measure.

So, reading verses that say that if I have the fear and/or reverence of the LORD, I’ll have confidence and a refuge place, those Scriptures bring comfort and the wisdom to continue following God. My husband reminds me that the twelve disciples chose death over life when asked to recant their testimony of Jesus and His miracles and His choice to be the sacrificial lamb for the sins of all the world – for the Jew first and then for all the rest of the nations’ known as the Gentiles. They saw Him risen from the dead with the marks of the crucifixion and of the beatings and of the plucking of His beard. Heavy stuff on my mind tonight.

I hope this finds you well and looking up to the Father of lights, as James called God, for your provision and peace and refuge in times of trouble.

May God bless you.


Perseverance, Anyone?

As I read in the book of Luke today, I noticed Jesus telling people to ask and keep on asking. Knock and keep on knocking. Seek and keep on seeking, and ye shall find. I paraphrased it from Luke 11:9.

Matthew 6:33 tells us not to be anxious for anything, another paraphrase.

If you have anything overwhelming you, you are not alone. Hold on to Jesus. Read the Bible for encouragement and direction. Pray and rest in God’s promises. Whatever you are going through, others are, too. My mom used to say, “This too shall pass.”

I heard yesterday that a high percentage of what people worry about never comes to fruition. It might have been 77%. That’s a lot of worrying over nothing.

Well, I am determined to get to bed earlier than normal, so I bid you a great night.

May God bless you.

Effective Communication

I ordered a book, The Write Way: A Believer’s Guide to Effective Communication by Hal Donaldson, Ken Horn, Randy Hurst, John W. Kennedy, Kirk Noonan and Scott Harrup, copyrighted in 2003, and published by Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, MO.

The Write Way: Johnnie Barnes

It has ninety-three pages of concise writing advice, at least from the five chapters and introduction I read today. One chapter is entitled, “Writers Are From Mars, Editors Are From Venus,” by Hal Donaldson.

After reading that chapter I could see some things I’ve done right, and a few things I’ve done wrong. I’ve had articles published in a variety of publications and once I followed up to offer another manuscript. I didn’t hear from the editor.

Hal Donaldson suggests forming professional relationships with editors for the benefit of the editor and writer, the magazine owner and the reader. That’s my paraphrase.

It’s presented after tips for excellent writing. I’ve heard that advice before but it was worded in a way that made it feel possible.

I liked being reminded to pray before I write. He had more to say about a relationship with God impacting our writing, but I don’t want to spoil your pleasure if you decide to read the book.

I really appreciate God’s Word. Phil. 4:13, (Webster) says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.”

Occasionally people encourage me by publishing a poem or article or devotional. I thank God for the lift, because writing doesn’t come easy at times and there is a lot of competition out there.

I believe I’ve been called to write. When I don’t write it’s almost as if I forgot to eat a meal. Something is missing. I try and leave the results to God.

God bless you!

Are You in a Rut?

I have been writing a paper for a lady for a week or so who advocates for brain-diseased individuals. This is new for her, hiring a writer so she can communicate her quest for help in a clearer way.

It’s at times like this that I have to pray not to get too caught up in her story so I can keep my equilibrium in life. For a time, I stopped watching the news on television because I was getting depressed. Now, I tune into the news on occasion to keep up with things, but I don’t live there. It does give me people and situations to pray for, that’s for sure.

I love writing for people most of the time. It’s a learning curve into someone else’s passion, into a subject area I might not have chosen on my own. Oftentimes, I know something about it and/or have experienced what they want to express to others. Have you ever learned about something you never dreamed you would absolutely love, once you tried it? Motorcycling grabbed the attention of someone I love. When they finally came to a place where they could buy one and learn to ride it, they dealt with the fear of possibly getting injured. Once they got past that, they went for their life-long dream. The reality became better than the anticipation.

That same person told me that the Bible said, 365 times, in various ways, “Do not fear.”

That’s a helpful antidote to staying in a rut. Putting the fear behind, reaching forward to a new hobby or job or relationship within God’s boundaries gives life fullness and freshness and tools to bless others, if you so choose to.