Writing Lessons at the Library

I got invited to the library for tonight’s visiting lecturers twice. A friend called to invite me today and a librarian asked me to join them a few days ago.

I remember once when I lived with my family with my father-in-law, his local library had a screen writer present a class. I attended but I began to see that if I ever wanted to be a screen writer, I’d have to learn to bounce ideas off others. I did that but when they veered off in another direction, when it came to my turn I went back to the original idea and the lady frowned over my resistance to change. This was years ago, when my kids were young. Hopefully I learned my lesson.

I remember wondering if I lost an opportunity. I also remember being mad at an older fellow sitting next to a teenager. He kept encouraging the younger guy to swear in his writing. The kid was uncomfortable but the man kept urging him on. I frowned at the elderly fellow from way at the end of the table. He either didn’t see me or he didn’t care. I think the lady presenting the screen writing pointers ignored him. Someone I know says people that swear are showing their lack of vocabulary.

Years ago, men used to swear more than women, and they stopped when a lady entered the room. If I’m shopping in a store and young men are flinging the worst swear words around in their everyday conversation, they don’t bother looking around to see if kids or women are nearby.

Anyway, tonight we learned prompts to get us thinking creatively and then we started writing stories. I wrote two stories in a short period of time using words from the dictionary as one of our prompts. I think that’s from blogging regularly.

I appreciate the libraries budgeting in money to pay for writing instructors to come to the area. He also showed up due to a grant from Poets & Writers out of New York City. He lives many miles away from New York State.

Another friend showed up at the class. She feels God is calling her to write and my daughter said a pastor friend feels the same way.

This presenter thanked the attending librarian more than once for having him there.

I hope you had an eventful day today in a good way. May God bless you.