Gathering III

When I went to this house full of people of mostly acquaintances, and I’d heard the prophetic giftings flow like water out of a broken pipe, on the ride over I told the Lord I didn’t want a Word from anybody. One Word for my daughter talked about her being like a daughter to a lady and the lady being like a mom to her. That they would be as if they were joined at the hip. I saw my daughter searching for eye contact with me. Later, she said, “Mom, were you okay with that prophesy about me being a daughter to someone else?”

I told her I was okay with it, because I know I’m not perfect and maybe this person could fill in some of the gaps where I fell short. Was it easy to hear? Not necessarily. Was it easy to respond that way? Easier than it would have been some years back. I thought of the Scripture that says if we follow Jesus and lose our parents or siblings because of persecution, God will give us many more. That was a paraphrase, and I have not rejected her for her faith, but it seemed to fit my thinking. I’m secure enough in our relationship to share her.

So, as I soaked in the presence of God as we worshiped the Lord, I heard Him say, “Cast all your cares upon Me for I care for you.”

Then later I was thinking, Lord I wouldn’t mind a Word after all. Then, “Am I not enough for you?”

This is the second time in a month’s time that I’ve heard that phrase. I was fretting because my husband lost some money. “Am I not enough for you?”

“Yes, Lord, You are enough,” I told Him.

I meant it then, and I meant it at the gathering. It gives me peace to know He’ll be there in relationship and in provision. To God be the glory.

Gathering II

My day has been so full, I will only write a bit. A house full of gracious people introduced themselves to me one at a time over the course of our gathering this morning. Just before we left, the pastor/prophet told one twenty-two year old that God said she is on the Internet so much, she is endangering her soul by putting Him aside again and again for her blog and her facebook account. The preacher suggested she fast the Internet for three days or a week and see how much more time she has for God. She gasped when she first heard the prophetic utterance. My husband said, “That prophecy was right on.”

She lives at our home for now.

More later, I promise, God willing. 🙂