Geometry the Basics of All Design?

“The Story of Maths” came on Netflix as a choice and since my husband really likes math, we started watching it. So we’ve seen Egyptian mathematics, Babylonian math, and then Greek. The show displays the cultures of the mathematicians in our time. The next show headed east and we’ve seen China and now India.

It’s amazing how smart people are all over the world. I told my husband that some of this subject is over my head. He said he wasn’t getting all of it either.

When I spoke to him about different religions being represented in the various countries, he said, “And God loves every person.”

We serve such a big God! How can you love someone unless you know them. He knows every person on this planet and knows their thoughts. The more I get to know God through His word, the more amazed I stand at Him.

One of the Greek mathematicians, I believe, thought the whole universe is made up of geometrical properties. I thought of Mark thirteen that I mentioned this week. Jesus spoke about God being the Creator.

Now,” The Story of Maths” is describing pi. This is fascinating as he uses visuals to portray finding the values found in math.

He can’t help but speak of religions when cultural differences arise. He rebukes the West for not appreciating the countries that became colonized by the westerners.

From his accent, he may be English. I love seeing how people are the same and yet may do things in a different manner than others.