“Storms Are Coming”

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My husband opened our church for prayer from Monday through Thursday this week, and tonight I thought the Lord said, “Storms are coming.”

As I read the Bible, I’m aware that God speaks words that use scenarios His audience is familiar with. We’ve been getting hit with cold temperatures and all the schools around us are closing tomorrow because of the frigid air that is headed our way. It’s supposed to be windy with the chill registering at a negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees below zero. That can damage a body. So, I’m well aware of storms.

Jesus used farming words for his agrarian listeners to talk of their hearts being like the soil, rocky, hard, or fertile, etc. When the apostles asked Him to explain the parable, He said the seed being sown was the Word of God, and the soil represented the ability of the Scriptures to penetrate their spiritual being.

So, storms coming may mean natural storms are coming and I should prepare myself: pick up some groceries, buy jugs of water, that sort of thing. It could mean spiritual warfare is going to increase and I’ll need to be in the Word and in prayer, and offer praise to God. God’s Word says that God inhabits the praises of His people. In times of trouble, I want to know with a certainty that He is right nearby. He promises to never leave nor forsake those who love Him, and intellectually I know that. Singing praises to Him reminds me that He is in control and above all.

I hope you are well and avoiding harsh weather.

May God bless you!

Consider Others

Jesus said in Matthew_10:38, (KJV),  “And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.”

Today, I went to a Ladies Bible study at the nursing home on this dark, rainy day. One of the ladies is in her early sixties, single and disabled. She recently got moved to a smaller room away from the nurses’ station. The overhead television set was there and she got used to sitting by the attendants and watching her favorite game show at 3:00 p.m.

Now, for whatever reason, they don’t want her sitting by them anymore in her wheelchair and they won’t let her watch the television program. So, she told us she’s been crying day and night for a few days now.

We asked her to pray, we asked her to sing – she has a wonderful voice. Then we decided to sing a few songs worshiping Jesus. The atmosphere changed, she smiled and felt better. An elderly lady told her to sing to Jesus when she feels sad. “Change that room into yours,” she said. “Pray to Jesus, He’ll help you.”

The lady that normally reads the Bible for us came into the room a tiny bit grumpy. Not complaining, but out of sorts. She’s 94 years old, probably aching. I know she was cold because she appreciated her crocheted blanket draped over her shoulders.

I watched our reader settle back and wait while the younger woman shared her woes, before we sang. She “took up her cross,” and put her own desires aside awhile. Finally she spoke up. “Are we ever going to get to the Bible?”

Everyone agreed the time had arrived to stop ministering and to dive into the Word of God. That ministered to this younger woman. Afterwards, she exhibited a calmer countenance, an enthusiasm to spend time with God, and an interest in reaching out to others.

I’ve found in my own life when feeling down that when I shifted my attention to fulfilling someone else’s need, those “blue” feelings disappeared. Praise God!

How are you doing?

May God bless you.


I watched a recent episode of The Chapel on video because my daughter downloaded it so I can access their sermons easily. I chose the December 13, 2015 one today. They are doing a “Keeping Christ in Christmas” series.

The Chapel at Crosspoint in Getzville, NY reaches a multitude of people. Their college and young adult group pastor, Wes Aarum spoke for Pastor Jerry Gillis on this day. I got intrigued with his presentation of “selfie” products out there. One is a toaster that will toast your image into bread. LOL.

Stop taking selfies and get this, America”

We live in amazing times. What I love about the Word of God is that it stands the test of time. It is relevant even today with all the advances in technology.

Some of the prophecies of end time events say that knowledge will increase abundantly, that people will travel to and fro over the earth, all of creation will groan with expectation waiting for Jesus’ return. Some signs of the times will be an increase in earthquakes and natural disasters. Men’s love for others will grow cold. There will be a great apostasy and a multitude will leave the Christian faith. Persecutions will arise big time. There will be a great revival and many others will come to faith in Jesus Christ. This is happening in non-Christian parts of the world, I’ve heard from missionaries that visit our Assembly of God church.

If you get a chance to watch The Chapel’s Christmas sermon from December 13, 2015, please do. He’s got a great way of talking about the Christian faith. Pastor Wes said, “Unlike other religions, Christians don’t have to earn their way to heaven.”

He’s young, so he speaks in a way that appeals to young people and older ones. We are a unified body in Christ despite some differences when the Bible is our manual for life. 🙂