People-pleaser or Co-dependent?

I like to figure out what makes people tick. It helps me to appreciate them or understand where they’re coming from. That’s probably why I majored in psychology in college. I’ve been reading about people-pleasing and co-dependency. Co-dependency is taking care of others before taking care of yourself. Sometimes co-dependent people don’t get around to taking care of themselves or their immediate family. They will drop what they are doing and go help someone in distress. Many of their friends are in distress a lot, which makes the co-dependent feel useful. Eventually, the co-dependent may wake up to the fact that they are exhausted, unappreciated, and living in a mess. When they start saying “No,” they may lose the needy friends. That friend will find someone else to be in crisis with.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t help people. I’m just saying that sometimes a co-dependent may get in God’s way of giving someone a lesson. If they don’t learn the lesson, the person will go through another trial and hopefully learn and grow, if the co-dependent will let the person learn by suffering the consequences of their own choices.

Let God be God, I’m thinking. Any comments?