The Wisdom of James

My husband preached on James 4:11-17 today. I love the book of James. Just like I enjoy Proverbs. The writings that touch on the practicalities of life help me to turn around if I need to.

So, he got talking about speaking positively to others. And he quoted someone, whose name he couldn’t remember, that asked three questions. When speaking, when interacting, when I’m upset:

  • What good does it do your brother or sister?
  • What good does it do yourself?
  • What glory for God is in it?

He also spoke about a critical spirit, that if one person starts complaining and judging others harshly, that can spread among the people that person interacts with. I remember watching a “Touched by an Angel” television show.

The more experienced angel, called Tess played by actress Della Reese, warned the less experienced angel, Monica played by Roma Downey not to lose her temper and act out. She didn’t listen. When she reacted in anger, it escalated to one person after another. Kind of like a domino effect.

If you want to learn some great life lessons read from the book of James. I like hearing it in small doses because there’s a lot to think about. I hope you are well! My health is better now than in the late Spring. Covid visited my husband and I and we recovered-praise God! I know a couple of folks that went home to be with Jesus. We’ll miss them and I grieve for their families. They are in a wonderful place, according to Jesus in the Gospel of John.

May God bless you!