Life System Set Up

I posted a comment on’s blog and clicked to my site. I haven’t posted for a month now! Yowza! My daughter and her four children left our house after spending about twenty-four hours here, eight of the hours sleeping. I’ve been working through the system suggested in the book by David Allen entitled, “Getting Things Done.” I’ve been getting a freelance writing business started. I’ve been cleaning house, and hosting a writers group. I’ve been writing! I’ve been preparing for worship services at our church. I’ve been connecting with relatives from out of state via phone. I’ve been reading the Word of God and soaking in God’s presence! My family got invited to a Messianic Passover Seder the night before Easter (or Resurrection Sunday), as many like to call Easter. So, now that I’m on this roll of “Getting Things Done,” I should be more consistent on my blog. Praise God!